Loveaisyah has launched the 2021 Collection! For those who just know Loveaisyah, I am an exclusive designer brand that provides quality and affordable collections for modern modest women. Many modern women have experienced giving comfort up for style. Wearing a Baju Kurung that is nice but uncomfortable, wasn’t what Loveaisyah sought after. Loveaisyah's collections are designed to be stylish, exclusive, and comfortable, where each design is crafted with love.

The pandemic did not stop us from creating better and more Loveaisyah ready-to-wear items! We promised to continuously give you comfort & style in 2021. Stay tuned at for upcoming new designs.


Looking for a Baju Kurung to wear at a Malay wedding or special event? Check out our exclusive classic lace & Kebaya designs. 

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There are so many surprises this season! Loveaisyah launched new Textured materials in colours! Check them out now!


Wow! Loveaisyah is so comfortable! We got this comment all the time when women tried on the Loveaisyah collection. This season, we introduced more new mother and daughter matching outfits. Try it & be blown away by the comfort & style!
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