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Aisyah sharing women's self-care ~no more anxiety!

Yesterday, I attended Fem Tech, met the women entrepreneurs and some men who care about women's self-care. Is interesting to see more and more women care about their well-being. I started more than 15 years ago with my regular weekly exercise routine. It benefits me till to date. Last year, I left my full time job due to slight anxiety attack. If I were to ask you what is women's self-care all about. I am sure there are many answers to this question. A lot of times, we care too much about the past, the future and forget about the present (now). After leaving my full time job, I started to appreciate and notice what is happening in my surrounding. I slow down my pace, cycle daily, enjoy the morning breeze, noticing the beauty of nature (trees, cats, dogs, birds, butterflies around me). I would like to thank our creator for creating a beautiful earth. Slowing down my pace, feeling contented, thankful and appreciative are also a way to self-care. Ironically, many of us can't live without tech. (Hp, Laptop). I think is good to have an hour during lunch without the tech. Enjoy the food and free your mind. On the other hand, it is also important to empower tech. to search for the right self care solution that fit u. Share your experience, let others know you are not alone facing depression and anxiety, which is a good way to connect in the community by using tech. Impact the world with a good way. Rediscovering and empowering tech. x self-care are what I learned from the amazing speakers I met yesterday. For years, I cycle, I do my own house chore, I stopped buying impulsive products that I don't need, create lesser junk. I start to separate my waste, use recycle bag. I am living a more sustainable lifestyle. I felt that these are also part of self-care too. I started Loveaisyah a few months after I left my full time job. Kind of think of it, the though behind Loveaisyah is also about self-care. Love yourself, love others, Loveaisyah. Women to learn how to love ❤ themselves first, then they learn to love others. The last is to own a Loveaisyah's collection that is made out from love, comfortable fabrics, versatile to mix and match, importantly, quality that last to meet sustainability. The journey is tough, but I remind myself every day to try my best. I am bless, to have friends that I met along the journey, who helped (e.g. posting, photo shooting, editing video, lending me a space to display my collection, running events, adviser, etc.) and encouraged me along the way; not to forget, those women who bought Loveaisyah's collection, who are generous to drop me a thank u note with their pretty images. I thank you guys from the bottom of my heart. Self-fulfilling, doing what I like, pursuing my dream are also a way to self-care 🥰

Let's share and spread the ❤ and positive energy around you.

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