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Bringing Women Together Through The Baju Kurung

“I thought it’d be good to do something I’m passionate about. I enjoy shopping for Baju Kurung during Ramadan but always felt that it was a pity to only wear them once a year, so I was inspired to create tops and bottoms that are versatile enough to mix and match with everyday pieces,”

“Plus, the traditional Baju Kurung can be uncomfortable to wear for the whole day, so I was determined to change the material used.” Apart from versatility, Loveaisyah’s Baju Kurung features Lace, Jacquard, and Satin materials. In addition, they are comfortable and boast flattering cutting.

“Our customers are usually blown away by the comfort of the Baju Kurung after trying on our designs. I have also gotten feedback that they are flattering for body shapes. I understand Asian women’s body curves very well and am very particular about how clothes should fit, so every measurement is carefully thought through,” I launched Loveaisyah in 2019 and designed every collection from scratch. Now, I work from home and travel to China twice a year to meet up with my production team. My customers come from everywhere including Japan, Australia, Malaysia, Brunei, USA, and UAE. I also have non-Muslim customers both in Singapore and other parts of the world because they feel the designs are feminine and chic, they appeal to modern women who want to dress modestly.”


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