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Pandemic pushes us to embrace technology~Loveaisyah's mini home boutique via IG/FB!

Till to date, my girl still cannot believe that the one month Ramadan event was cancelled. It seem like yesterday, last year this time, I was busy preparing new launches at a few events. I remember one of them was setting up a mini boutique at an air-conditioning container at Geylang Serai. This year, the event was cancelled due to covid. I believe that nothing is more important than keeping ourselves safe! This week, I decided to setup a mini boutique at my balcony. There will not be any one meter social distancing.😆 Welcome to Loveaisyah's mini boutique!!! Stay with me for the next few weeks as I am going to share with you the collection with the aid of social media (IG/FB). Feel free to visit if you like any of the Baju. A pity that I cannot meet & greet you guys at my physical pop-up boutique this time, let's embrace technology together. Simply drop me a text if you wish to see more of any particular baju. I will take a live video to show you 💪 Last but not least, if you like what I am doing, do share my IG, photos & videos with your friends & families. This little action mean a lot to me.😍😘♥️ Thank u!



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