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Has anyone ever wondered how an exclusive design, Loveaisyah baju kurung is produced?

I am here to share the insights to the making of Loveaisyah.

Hi, I am Aisyah Lim

It was one Autumn when I arrived Guangzhou, one of China's three largest cities. International designer brands are produced in this city. Although I had visited Guangzhou for the past twenty years, even till today, I still get lost when come to fabric hunting. My eyes are overwhelmed with tons of choices at the fabric wholesale market. The feeling is not even close to finding a needle in a haystack. In fact it felt like finding the right pearl in the big ocean T_T. With no other choice, I put on my comfort shoes and started my fabric hunting journey at 9am after arriving BaiYun Guangzhou airport.

In the taxi, on the way to Guangzhou fabric wholesale market

The simpler the design, the tougher it is to perfect the draft and the fit of a garment. It is easier to spot a flaw on a simple design than a complicated design. But in my mind, simplicity is the art of sophistication and I had to stay with simple designs. I knew I was challenging myself again to find the perfect balance for Loveaisyah designs.

Simplicity is the art of sophistication, Loveaisyah

I walked for hours, battling a “fish market” crowd only to continuously find designs that didn’t fit. One challenge was to find designs for a modern baju kurung that would provide COMFORT. Another big challenge was finding the prints and material to suit Singapore's climate. I am sure many of us have experienced or is experiencing giving up comfort for style. Wearing a Baju Kurung that is nice but uncomfortable, wasn’t what I sought after.

This made my journey tougher to find the right fabrics that I want. Plus it was Autumn, where the production shops are producing thicker material to prepare for season change, making it even tougher to find the prints and fabrics that I want.

As I reflect back on those walks, a pair of comfortable walking shoes and a good breakfast went a long way.

A cup of good coffee can bring me far...

After many days and hours in sourcing the right fabrics, I finally found the one. It was time to buy the sample yardages to raise samples. Beside finding the right outer fabrics, the inner lining is equally important. I am particular in the colour matching, comfort, the type of stitches, the sewing method, finishing, fastening and every single detail of the garment. I headed down to the factories and start my sampling process.

Walking at Guangzhou fabric wholesale market

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